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It’s been our pleasure to provide investment advice and family office service to client families of Meristem. We have continued our relentless pursuit of offerings that allow us to function as your Family’s Financial Officer (FFO). We have recognized your need for trustee services that delivers on the promise of putting your family first and as a result have created Meristem Trust Company (MTC) to meet our client’s needs.

What is Meristem Trust Company?

MTC is an affiliated South Dakota trust company which delivers a full suite of trustee services.

Should I name a family member as a trustee?

It’s true that an individual trustee in your family has personal knowledge of your family’s situation that a large institution, like a bank, may not offer. However there are pressures and responsibilities that go along with being a trustee of significant assets that can cause a strain on family dynamics. It takes more than trust to be a trustee; it takes specific skills and expertise that you will find on MTC’s experienced team of trust officers and administrators.

My trust resides elsewhere, why should I transfer?

Duplicate the ease you feel when you know Meristem's affiliate, MTC, is working alongside your advisor to integrate your holistic financial life inclusive of your trust. While you enjoy the protection and privacy that a trust brings to your legacy, you’ll do so with the attentive service you’re used to from working with Meristem.

I have a corporate trustee already, why should I make a change?

Whenever you entrust a corporate entity with the management of your assets, there are risks. Trust services from banks and other large institutions can be costly and impersonal. MTC can collaborate with Meristem to couple the desire to become a central part of your financial life and advise you on making visions of your legacy a reality. Whether you choose to name MTC as your trustee or have Meristem work side by side with your current trustee, you can be confident that Meristem will serve to protect and grow your interests.

Why is MTC in South Dakota?

With clients across the country and offices in three states, Meristem set out to find the location for MTC that provided the greatest benefits for you and your family. South Dakota has favorable trust and tax laws, benefits for your trust owned life insurance, asset protection and privacy.

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